The Blair Upper Cervical Chiopractic Technique

The doctors at Wellness First are highly trained in the Blair Upper Cervical technique.  This method of adjusting is designed to provide powerful results for our patients with the least amount of adjusting.

The Blair work consists of a detailed analysis/diagnosis of upper neck misalignment and precise, gentle adjustment in this area. The results are impressive. While these precision adjustments are effective at helping individuals with neck problems, headaches, and upper extremity problems, they also help to align and stabilize the whole spine. When the neck is properly adjusted, the whole spine realigns itself from the top to the bottom. This can have a direct effect on low back pain, sciatica, disc degeneration, numbness and tingling, leg pain, and many other conditions.

Although the Blair work is the core technique at Wellness First, full-spine and extremity work is also used to help patients regain and maintain their health.